Thursday, August 18, 2011

PT PLN (Persero) - Lampung

PT PLN (Persero) - With vision to be an ever-growing, excellent and credible World Class Company supported by competent human resources, PT PLN (Persero) currently looking for qualified candidates for following positions:

  • Gender Male;
  • Status is not married and not married during their willing Prajabatan Training;
  • Age Limit: S1: Births in 1985 and thereafter, D3: The Birth of 1987 and thereafter
  • GPA> 2.6 for technique, GPA> 2.9 for non-technical
  • Height> 155 cm
  • Glass eyes < -4 (minus four)
  • Not Color Blind
  • Fill out and submit the registration application file in :
    • PT PLN (Persero) Region North Sumatra on 18 Aug 2011-6 Sept 2011
    • Secretariat Recruitment Officer PT PLN (Persero) Floor Rectorate Building III on 18 Aug 2011-9 Sept 2011.
  • Completeness of application files as follows:
    • An application letter addressed to PT PLN (Persero) cq Head of the Division of Human Resources and Talent Development
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Copy of birth certificate.
    • Copy of Diploma / certificate of legalized
    • Copy the last transcript of legalized
    • Copy of ID card
    • Passport photo size 3x4 latest 2 pieces
    • For applicants from Cross graduate program (D3 continues S1 ), must attach: : D3 Transcripts of legalized , Copy of Diploma / certificate of legalized
  • During the selection process, if any inconsistency of data, participants expressed Ruling
  • The applicant is only allowed to choose 1 (one) job positions
  • The applicant is only allowed to choose the level positions, according to the level of education possessed.
  • Call participants and test locations will be announced via the website  PT PLN (Persero) in the career at the top right corner of the website.
    How to Apply
    Please download application form and complete information at link below .

     Sumatra -- Lampung